About four years ago, we were on the lookout for a companion for our Saint-Bernard bitch "Ooch". This way, we found our Leonberger in Germany. Regretfully "Ooch" became very sick that period, because of bad working kidneys and she died one month before "Farouche" came into our lives.

Although a little difficult the first few days (the death of "Ooch" still fresh in mind and then this new life in the house) "Farouche" rapidly overwhelmed us with her charms. There was not much of a choice, since a little puppy deserves and needs a lot of attention. It needs to get clean, socializing, puppy-class and getting used to strange objects. Soon, we were out daily with this little bugger.

Little after a year later she had passed all obedience classes and she was ready for a sociability test, which was soon followed by her first big obedience test. To this day she competes in the Belgian obedience program, which we call debutante class.

Agility was also her cup of tea, but at this time she had some trouble with growing pains and we stopped the agility training.

Last summer we came across a club, where they did water trial works and all type of dogs were allowed. I can only speak for "Farouche" of course, but it is my distinct impression the Leonberger has some natural born talents for this type of work. At the end of summer she passed her first (unofficial) test.


Although it is not our most favorite activity, we also enter a show sometimes. Not the normal shows but the special breed ones. The past year we were present at Salzburg, Neunkirchen and Deinze. At Salzburg and Neunkirchen where she became fourth and everywhere the judges rewarded her as excellent.

Beside all these activities "Farouche" naturally looks out to her daily walks. In the morning only a short walk to a little forest, but on the whole we try to take her out for about an hour a day. On Sunday we're away for the most part of the day and then there are the nearly monthly walks of the Leonberger Club Belgium.

On top of giving your dog an active life, there's more to consider like weekly grooming, the veterinary, holidays, housing, etc... Our pups will not spend their lives in some cage in some back of the garden, but will grow up in the house and will join their owners where ever possible (even on holidays).

With this story I only want to say: "Think well before taking a dog into your home".